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The Night Before Valentine's Day

Jessica Gomez reviewed on on April 13, It wasn't my favorite holiday historical, but it was a decent way to spend a few evenings. This book starts off heartbreaking and sad. Why the hero is as he is, the thawing that takes place from the clues and revelations that slowly bombard him as he comes to the realization that his whole life is based on a mistruth; and how the diabolical hatred of one man can have a domino effect on so many people.

This book is the story of Pierce and how he discovers the true meaning of love. It all starts when his life gets tossed upside down by a simple letter from a very proper lady named Mrs. What follows is a story far from proper, thoroughly entertaining and a real treat for this romance book fan. I like how the author set up the atmosphere amongst the main players. I enjoyed the secondary characters that revolve around the hero and heroine. I also thought the inclusion of the poem of St.

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Nick was cute. It actually plays a key role in the story and the author wielded it in a delightful manner that touched the sentimental marshmallow inside me. To say this story comes with a few surprises is an understatement.

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Holiday stories usually include miracles because they seem to occur and be the most poignant during this time of year. Jeffries certainly provided some astonishing wide-eyed moments and one of them gave me goose bumps- in a good way. Speaking of which, the character of Jasper was a stroke of genius.

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The author used him as a catalyst for reaching those cold spots inside of Pierce and it was quite effective. I will find it hard to believe that any reader could be unmoved by the scenes in which Jasper and Pierce are together. It was a terrific emotional touch and handled superbly by Ms. The dialogue was well coordinated, the saucy bits between Pierce and Camilla were so very daring and absolutely fun, and the naughty version of the poem is hysterical, well as far as Pierce was allowed to quote it.

I completely enjoyed the sense of humor that was sprinkled throughout the book because it made the hero and heroine seem reachable and real. I liked getting to know them. Jeffries employs to bring her characters to life.

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After recently reading the first book in the Dukes Men series, I was really excited to read this story. It does take place before the first one begins where we do see a involvement Of Dominic. This story is centered on Pierce and Camilla. Pierce is a Earl, but hasn't had the easiest of upbringings. When he was younger, his mother was everything, until he was sent away to school, and she Twas the Night After Christmas bridges two series together, "Helliions of Halstead Hall" and "The Duke's Men".

When he was younger, his mother was everything, until he was sent away to school, and she never wrote him, she wouldn't let him come home for the holidays, and as he became an adult he became bitter against his mother, and now never sees her. Until he receives a note from his mothers companion, Camille, stating that his mother is deathly ill.

So he heads straight to the estate where his mother is residing, only to find out that his mother is healthy, and tensions rise fast. Camille is a widow, who has a sweet son, and will do everything for her sons happiness. Then she meets Pierce, who has quite the reputation of drinking and keeping mistresses, but when these two meet, a desire unknown to either one of them changes everything. I loved the layout of this story.

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It has a very strong Christmas theme to it, which I loved , the characters were witty and engaging, and the story full of delightful scenes that tie you up in knots. I couldn't put this one down, and it won me over only after a few chapters. This story is very typical of Sabrina Jeffries, and her style is still just as amazing as it is with her earlier books.

A story full of abundant humor, sizzling chemistry, and charming characters. One that is to die for!! Looking for a classic holiday read that will send thrills straight to your toes? Dec 13, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle. Pierce Waverly was eight years old when his parents abandoned him. Pierce has never read any of them.

They had been really close until that s Pierce Waverly was eight years old when his parents abandoned him. She is angry when he realizes that she was not sick. He plans to leave the next day, but Camilla convinces him to stay another day. After that, he winds up staying even longer. Camilla is a widow with a young son. I really liked this book. I felt so bad for both Pierce and his mother. Both suffered for years because of his father. I liked how Camilla helped him to finally forgive his mom and understand that she just wanted what was best for him.

THE NIGHT BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY Book - Valentines Books for Kids - Children's Books Read Aloud

I got this book from edelweiss in exchange for a review. Nov 28, TheGeekyBlogger rated it really liked it. Read for Review Edelwiess Overall Rating: 4. Throw in a precious little boy who loves the season and this book is just perfect for a holiday read. I had ideas about what the big secret was but I was totally wrong.

They had a slow build to falling for each other even though it was a short amount of time and Camilla always kept what was important to her first her son. Oct 29, Chris Bails rated it it was amazing. I also loved this book. Another great one by Sabrina. If you loved the Hellions series you will like this one.

The Night Before Valentine's Day

This is the story of Pierce Waverly, whom we met in the Hellions series. I loved Pierce from this series. He is funny, with a devil-may-care attitude. I love his roguish ways. Pierce is ready to move onto a new mistress and is torn on what he wants. He then receives a letter from his mothers companion telling him his mother is sick and he needs to come. He races off to find her just fin I also loved this book. He races off to find her just fine. He confonts Camila.

Camila is a widow and just wants her to have her son back.