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WhatsApp Inc. TikTok - Make Your Day. TikTok Inc. Real People. Check for new and used marketplace copies. Children ages 7 to 12 will especially love Will's Bow Hunting Adventure. Set in Wisconsin, young Will recently finished his first hunting season, but he just doesn't feel happy. It isn't until Christmas, when Grandpa Joe gives him a bow for a gift that Will realizes what has been missing is a new skill to learn.

Will is an only child who lives on the family farm with his dad. After his mother passed away, the two discover a common bond in hunting. Will's best friend, Brian, also shares a love of hunting and the great outdoors.

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Stella is a girl in their class whose interest is intrigued when she hears Will and Brian talking about venison stew and sees pictures of the deer that live on Will's farm. She joins Will and Brian's quest to learn how to be great bow hunters. The friends join an archery league, build a practice shooting stand, and study the land for the best place to go bow hunting.

When the boys get in trouble at school the day before the opening of bow deer season, their punishment is to present a report on how their first weekend of bow hunting went. Brian and Will tell of the deer they didn't catch, while Stella shares her successful hunt with the class. This outdoor adventure combines the learning of hunting skills with the skills needed to get along with others.

click here Kerri J. Busteed previously published Will's First Hunt. She believes the tradition of hunting is a wonderful sport that families can pass down from generation to generation.